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Lets get together for some good hang out, all dressed up!
Lets honor the traditions of old Estonians but also in a modern way of melting Kadri and Mart together. You can dress up in a fusion or clearly as Mart or Kadri.
Or as a cow, or goose, bear or whatever seems suiting.
We will be making some Mart Art together-but if you arrive without a costume-you’ll get to build a mask at the location(don’t worry, be happy). Lets just chat, play, dance and laugh.
We will have a tiny bar, just in case. Hopefully some pumpkin soup and please be so kind to bring some snack with you that you crave and want to share with others.
We have a Yes from dj Taju(marditaju) for making us have a rave party! He will make this evening goofygood with their selection of music. ( You might know him from Nicolas Cage party, they won the best costume!)
PHOTOSESSIONS- as there is a photo contest AITA LEIDA 21. SAJANDI MARDI- JA KADRISANT! @https://hakkamesantima.ee/ we will make some photo sessions
GAMES-if you know some Mardipäev or Kadripäev traditional games, that would be lit! But also other fun games are very welcome for melting ice.
Very important! Dresscode: Kadri/Mardisant
Please let us know if your are coming!
More info soon!

Jaga seda oma sõpradega!